The So Lows “Alto”

When European winter gets dark and cold, it’s nice to listen to something that can take you far away. The SO LOWS are based in Los Angeles and play bluesy rock’n’roll that will make you feel like you’re walking in the desert, looking at the sky. Opening song “Gotta Get You” has quite a catchy poppy chorus, and “Dead Horse” brings the first BLACK CROWES album to mind, which can’t be a bad thing! You’ll hear quite a few soul influences in songs like “Time Forgot” or “Junkies and Rosaries”, and The ROLLING STONES could have co-written “Romance” or “Gimme Some Lip.” The CHERRY BOMBZ also come to mind at times.
While a song like “Alone and Blue” could be featured in the soundtrack of a 50s/60s movie, You’re Mine” makes me think of IZZY STRADLIN‘s solo albums. When you open your eyes after the laste note of “On My Way”, you might realize you’re not in California, Nevada, or Arizona, but you’ll have to thank the So Lows for the cheap quality trip!
In 2018, The So Lows might just be what you need! /Laurent C.

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