Rich Kid Expre$$ “Psychodelic”

Following the debut EP “Bubblegum Radio” released earlier this year, this new album by Rob Richardson offers us 10 well played and well produced hard rocking songs. Although these songs are definitelty rooted in the 80s and early 90s hair metal era, you’ll also hear some 70s hard rock influences in “Cross The Line”, “R.K.R.” or in “Kaleidoscope Caravan”. “Do It Your Way” has a bit of CINDERELLA and EXTREME into it while “Lovesick Blues” riffs like a SKID ROW song and “Psychodelic” brings ELECTRIC BOYS to mind. Songs like “Sleep When I’m Dead” and “Pink Eye” would probably have been labelled as “big rock” in the early 90s but “Clock Strikes Four” is going in a heavier direction. Definitely worth checking if you’re into American hard rock! /Laurent C.

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