Mike Zero “Now”

mike-zeroThis is the third album of German punk rock’n’roller MIKE ZERO, but actually the first one I get to listen to, though I’ve seen the name here and there through the years. Songs like “Modern World” or “Doctor Doctor” evoke TURBONEGRO in their best days while “Sick Sick Kaputnigue” and “Gimme More” get closer to SOCIAL DISTORTION.
On the quieter side, “Lost In The Moment” shows that rock ballads aren’t always cheesy, it contains a hint of BOWIE/80s wave that makes it stand out as one of the best songs of the album. You’ll also get to hear a sparkle of 70s glam (“Dandy Hooligan”) that will make you stamp your feet.
The cherry on the cake is a suprising and cool cover of INXS’ “Mystify” which just adds to the good surprise effect of “Now”./Laurent C.


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