Black Cat Rebellion “Lovers Of The Bizarre”

Let’s be honest, there’s unfortunately not much left of the early 00s punk’n’roll and glam punk scenes, and new blood is harder and harder to find… BLACK CAT REBELLION, from Indianapolis have been playing for a while now, touring across the US, and luckily, they haven’t laid down their arms, bringing us this brand new 9 song album.
Black-hearted rock’n’roll with a DEAD BOYS twist (“Hex On You”) and smart LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH touches (“Kiss Me Kamikaze”, “Sex and Death”), these guys are seducers. Songs like “Too Strange” and “Blood Donor” seem like they can hit you quite hard live, and more melodic ones like “Out With a Bang” or “Yesterday’s Hero” show us a different, yet enjoyable side of the band. Enough energy for the punks, and enough substance for goth and dark rock fans, “Lovers Of The Bizarre” will please your appetite for Rebellion. Let’s hope we’ll get to see BLACK CAT REBELLION in Europe soon!/Laurent C.
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