Cavaverman “James Dead”

CavavermanIt seems like these Italian guys have turned to zombies after listening to Too much MISFITS! Luckily, they can still play horror punk, and they do it quite well. Although, it might really sound like a MISFITS tribute band, (and it is in a way), CAVAVERMAN can write some catchy tunes in the style (“Welcome To Zombieland”, “Purple Brain”, “I Will Kill You”…)
It also gets interesting when the band slides away a bit from The MISFITS territory, like on “Werewolves”, “Zombie Lover”, or “Walking Dead” that sound a bit like a heavier version of The RAMONES, or on “I Am The One”.
Maybe 14 songs is a bit much in that style (some of them could have been better without the autotune kind of “wohohohooo!” in them), but well, most of these songs are made to make you singalong on a horror night, so just get their album for the next one you’re planinng. You have no excuse since it’s downloadable for free on Bandcamp./Laurent C.

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