Jack Scratch “If Only” EP

Chicago’s JACK SCRATCH are back with 4 new songs on CD. “Do That For” sounds a bit like a mix of JOEY RAMONE and early KISS, good 70s rock’n’roll with hard rockin’ solos… It’s doing a great job as an opening song!
“If Only For a Moment” could be a hit single in a CHEAP TRICK way with its melodic guitars and addictive chorus, “Hey Wah Nee Hey Ho” slows things down a little before it gets wild again with “Gotta”, a punk’n’roll tune that seems to have been written for live performances.
9 musicians worked on this EP that was recorded both in Chicago (Joyride Sudio) and Seattle, at London Bridge Studios, where classic grunge records by SOUNDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS, PEARL JAM or MOTHER LOVE BONE were recorded!
Only 4 songs, rugit… But no filler!/Laurent C.

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