The Phantoms “S/T”

Fronted by Victor Penasola (from The ZEROS – the punk rock Zeros, not the purple glam ones-, and drummer for the reunited FLAMIN’ GROOVIES), The PHANTOMS say their music is for fans of rock’n’roll, glam, bubblegum, garage, and everything in between… And well, this isn’t a lie! “Baby Loves Rock’n’Roll” opens this 11 song album in a glammy punk rock’n’roll way somewhere in between The HANGMEN and DUFF MCKAGAN‘s solo stuff. Slide guitar and dirty blues traces can be found in “Coming After You”, and you’ll even find a country song (“One For The Road.”)
The 60s garage influences can mostly be heard in “Chump Change”, while you’ll get a good dose of power pop in “Tears Me Up Inside”, “Stab Me (In My Broken Heart)”, and “Atomic Fireball”, as well as some 70s punk in “Ditch Digger” and “The Ballad Of Overend Watts.”
The PHANTOMS offer us a promising debut album (on Rum Bar Records) mixing the best of rock’n’roll styles, this should be a good reason for you to check this album out!/Laurent C.
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