Torpedohead “Greetings From Heartbreak Key”

Somewhere between hard rock’n’roll and pop punk, TORPEDO HEAD is following the path of powerful yet melodic guitar riffing bands like The WILDHEARTS or AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, so it’s not surprising that we’ve always kept an eye on these German guys since their debut album “Lovesick Avenue” (2009) and their 6 song EP “Let’s Go For A Ride” (2010.)
On this new album that comes out with a darker cover-art, TORPEDOHEAD hits hard from the start with songs like “Gasoline”, “Bleed On Me” and “Love Is A Dog” (killer tune!) and things never get worse after these 3 songs since you’ll get to hear a very sunny “Rock’n’Roll Satellite” (a song that could be a jam between The WILDHEARTS and The BEACH BOYS) and “Heartbreak Key” that displays more of the band’s STONES/early KISS side.”Red City Lights” reminds me of the quiet/acoustic D.A.D. songs, which is far from being negative to me!
Other strong moments on the album include the hard rockin’ “Brave New World”, “Black Rain” or closing song “Rotten Radio”, but the fact is that there’s no real downers on “Greetings From Heartbreak Key”.
No need to say more as you should already know if you like TORPEDOHEAD or not by now!/Laurent C.

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