The Role Models “The Go-To Guy”

The idea of starting a four, or five piece band with musicians who will play together for years has become more than difficult in 2015. Rich Rags knows about it! From his New York days to Soho in London, he’s been through many incarnations of his project to finally give birth to these 11 songs, with a little help from his friends Rich Jones (MICHAEL MONROE, BLACK HALOS…), and Sam Yaffa (HANOÏ ROCKS, MICHAEL MONROE, NEW YORK DOLLS, etc.), no less!
Good melodic power pop songs in the vein of The REPLACEMENTS, TOM PETTY, or The PLIMSOULS, something that you can’t find easily on records nowadays… While the first songs on here, “Lie For Today”, “Saturday Night Sailor”, and “Show Me The Way” are very good, the album will grow on you song after song, and you’ll get hooked by “Nowhere”,”The Jerk”, and “Cherry Dear”!
Names like GOO GOO DOLLS, CHEAP TRICK, or The WILDHEARTS also come to mind when listening to this album, since melodic vocals and powerful guitars perfectly mix together, but you’ll also get your up tempo punked-up fix with “The Go-To Guy.”
“Reality Holiday” brings some “everything good has to end” feeling before the album is even finished ; sunny, and full of melancholy at the same time, “The Go-To Guy” makes a great summer album, and more than this…/Laurent C.

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