The Speedways “Radio Sounds”

When I first saw the name of the band, I thought they were playing speed action rock and I couldn’t be more wrong… Opening song “This Ain’t a Radio Sound” immediately brings TOM PETTY and CHEAP TRICK to mind. “The Day I Call You Mine” and “Your Brown Eyes Look So Blue” sound more like modern American powerpop which is interesting since the band is located in London. The songs are quite catchy, “Telephone Lies” will stay in your head for the rest of the day, “Day Dreaming” and “Had Enough This Time” are like a mix of PAUL COLLINS BEAT and early KISS and “Kisses Are History” is a sugar sweet pop ballad somewhere between 70s glam and early American new wave (this influence can also be heard in “Good Girls Don’t Break Heart.”) “This Is About A Girl Who Loves The Sun” or “Empty Pages” almost sound like 80s radio friendly rock you could hear while driving and turning the radio on somewhere in California. The band seems to have worked hard on melodies and vocal harmonies when you listen to songs like “Number Seven” and “In A World Without Love It’s Hard To Stay Young” but they manage to keep some fresh RAMONES energy. You might not hear “Radio Sounds” on the radio, but this is a great summer album for every powerpop fan around! /Laurent C.

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