Baby Scream “S/T” – Special Extended Edition

BBScreamThis is the re-issue of a 2010 release by Argentinian band BABY SCREAM, actually the ever evolving project of Juan Pablo Mazzola. It comes out as a special extended edition on British record label OK! Records.
14 power pop songs full of 60s/70s influences, though a song like “Powerpop Crush” has a strong 90s feel in its guitars and arrangements.
Bowie and Bolan are never too far (“Jekyll & Hyde”, “Lazy”…), and John Lennon is often lurking on the corner (“Mental Case”, “Nipone”…) so you won’t be surprised to hear that these songs are full of sweet melodies and fine hooks (“What About You?”) Eric Dover (Alice Cooper, Jellyfish…) appears on guitar/backing vocals as a featuring on “The Ghost Of Valerie”, and the bonus material includes original mixes by Muddy Stardust (Chris Robinson Brotherhood, L.A. Guns…) and the 2005 demo of “Jekyll & Hyde.”
Get this album, put it on, and let it carry you away to timeless places./Laurent C.

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