Watts “The Black Heart of Rock-N-Roll”

Boston’s WATTS are bringing us a healthy dose of straight up rock’n’roll with this 10 song album. From AC/DC (“The Black Heart Of Rock’n’Roll”, “Strut (Like a Champ)”) to The STONES (“Sunset”) with an obvious AEROSMITH influence (especially in the vocals in songs like “Bring On The Lights” or “The B Side”), this is the kind of music that can only make your head and feet move ; and when WATTS decide to boogie, they deliver us “Up All Night”, all in groove and style.
These guys are also great at writing slower songs like “Bye & Bye”, bringing images of long and lonely car drives on never ending dusty American roads. WATTS sometimes put a bit of British glam rock in their American rock’n’roll (there’s a bit of The SWEET in “Fast & Loose”), so they can’t be wrong!
Rum Bar Records definitley have good tastes in rock’n’roll./Laurent C.

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