Watts “All Done With Rock’n’Roll” EP

"All Done With Rock'n'Roll" opens this 4 song EP in a hooky way, reminding me of CHEAP TRICK. "Hi Definition" has a bit of AEROSMITH in it; a well written 70s hard rock song that will stay in your head after the first time you've listened to it! If you need some high quality American... Continue Reading →

Watts “The Black Heart of Rock-N-Roll”

Boston's WATTS are bringing us a healthy dose of straight up rock'n'roll with this 10 song album. From AC/DC ("The Black Heart Of Rock'n'Roll", "Strut (Like a Champ)") to The STONES ("Sunset") with an obvious AEROSMITH influence (especially in the vocals in songs like "Bring On The Lights" or "The B Side"), this is the... Continue Reading →

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