Matty James “Last One To Die”

LOTDFollowing two promising EPs and the STONES influenced single “Up In Smoke” (second track on the CD), “Last One To Die” is Matty James‘ debut album on his own record label Pirate Heart Records. If you want something done right, do it yourself!
The record starts in a dark folk melancholic way with “Leaving” in which you’ll find a bit of Nick Cave, or even VIOLENT FEMMES.
From heartbreak ballads (“Don’t Turn Your Light Out On Me”, “Never Learn”, “By The Cold Light Of The Night”, “Another Night”) to gutter bluesy rock’n’roll (‘Last One To Die” featuring DOGS D’AMOUR‘s Tyla J. Pallas”, “Better Days”, or the punky “Same Old Me (Brand New You)”), Matty James sounds like he already has recorded 5 albums before ; Sometimes you just have to admit that the best wines aren’t always the oldest ones!/Laurent C.

Pre-order CD from Amazon:

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