Matty James Cassidy Releases New Single/Video ‘Anodyne’

Following on from ‘Rosary’, the brooding folk rock stomper released at the end of last year, this latest offering from the Northern Irish singer-songwriter is an acoustic led, upbeat ballad that swings. Featuring an infectious sax-served hook, on a bed of mandolin and guitar jangle, with a little country honk keys thrown in for good measure. While the breezy feel to the music is guaranteed to have you clapping along, it’s juxtaposed by the melancholic, reflective verse, delivered by a distinctive croon. It’s this classic contradiction that never fails to pull those heartstrings and MJC unapologetically carries on the tradition in his own style for the modern day, with echoes of Faces and ‘Exile’ era Stones.

Anodyne’ is available to stream/download on SpotifyApple Music and all good digital platforms from Friday 29th March. Also featured on the limited edition 7” vinyl single ‘Rosary / Anodyne’ available exclusively from Pirate Heart Records.

Catch Matty James Cassidy and the band live:

04/05 – Outlaw Rock N’ Roll Weekend, Glossop UK

01/06 – Camden Rocks Festival, London UK

13/06 – Trillians, Newcastle UK w/ The Spangles

14/06 – The Ice Box, Glasgow UK w/ The Spangles

15/06 – The Fulford Arms, York UK w/ The Spangles

Matty James “The Road To No Town”

Rock’n’Roll troubadour MATTY JAMES is back with 10 new songs in his travel bag. Following his 2014 debut “Last One To Die”, the young Northern Irish songwriter gets more on the country-folk/ballad side with this new album. Matty has been touring a lot in the UK and Europe, and you can feel it in these songs filled with dark bar and red wine night atmospheres.The Irish influence gets stronger on this new record, but you sometimes also get close to Western music on “Oh My Darlin’ or “Win Or Lose” (Pat McManus (MAMA’S BOYS) plays fiddle and lead guitar on this one.) You’ll also get a bit of New Orleans blues on “Money & The Devil.”
One of the strongest songs on here is “Heavy Heart”, sad but positive at the same time, and you’ll still get a bit of STONES ballad influence in “Hold On”, and some SOCIAL DISTORTION in “Dissatisfied.”
MATTY JAMES also plays bass in the TYLA J. PALLAS band, which shouldn’t surprise you much! The Road To No Town might lead you to unexpected territories!/Laurent C.


Matty James “Never Learn” Single

MJNLMatty James‘ second single from his debut solo album “Last One To Die” is an acoustic song that shows us Matty’s songwriting talents and features North Irish musician Roisin Buerns on piano and backing vocals. This certainly helps to reinforce the Irish vibe of this song. It also features Matty’s brother Philthy on mandolin. Enjoy the new video below!/Laurent C.



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Matty James – Rock’n’roll Troubadour

“Good things come to those who wait”, but in today’s music world, it’s better to keep on doing things rather than waiting for something to happen…We asked Irish rock’n’roller Matty James about his music background, his new solo record “Las One To Die”, and his other projects…

It seems like you started music at an early age. How old were you? What instrument did you play first? How did you get into rock’n’roll?

Yeah I started playing drums when I was 10, about 13 years ago. Within two years I had joined my first band with some friends at school and I haven’t stopped since. Guns N’ Roses was the first band I saw on TV that really jumped out and grabbed my attention. After that I just worked backwards and discovered all the bands I still love today.

You recorded your album mostly by yourself? What parts did you record first? How did you get Tyla J. Pallas to get featured on “Last One To Die”?

Yes I do most of the instrumentation on the record, as well as the vocals. I had some scratch acoustic demos to play along to, but the first instrument to go on tape was the drums. Then I just built it from there, much like how most bands work. After all the basic tracks were done, I had the luxury of sitting back and deciding what else I thought the songs needed. I am lucky that I have some very talented friends always willing to lend a note or two, so members of both Cadaver Club and Filthy Angels feature on the album.
Tyla getting involved was a dream come true. I have always been a huge fan of his music and I thought it fitting for him to appear on my first solo album, as he has been such a big influence and support to me. I sent him the song and asked if he would be interested and luckily he was up for it! It sounds great and brings the tittle track ‘Last One To Die’ to a whole new level.

I remember I saw a studio picture of you and MAMA’S BOYS’ Pat McManus, was it for a different release?

I haven’t actually recorded anything with Pat, as much as I would love to someday. He is from the same part of the world as me and is another big influence. Pat actually wrote a song for my first band and has always been a great mentor to me and my brother. When we were growing up he taught us a lot about guitar playing, songwriting and the music business in general. Hopefully I can get him on the next one!

The album is out on your own record label, Pirate Heart Records. When did you start the label?

I started PHR when I wanted to release the first Filthy Angels album, ‘L.A.F.A’. I think it’s a great way to work. By writing, recording and releasing my own music, I am constantly learning and improving every time.

There’s a big Rolling Stones influence in “Up in Smoke”, what other bands influenced you?

The Stones are one of my favourite bands, along with many they inspired like the New York Dolls and The Dogs D’Amour. I like good honest rock n’ roll music, everything from Thin Lizzy to the Ramones. I’m lucky because it’s a pretty broad spectrum!

Do you play a lot of live shows with your band CADAVER CLUB?

We all live in different places but we play live whenever we can. We have some stuff coming up later this year, including Rebellion Festival in the summer. We are constantly working on new material and sending each other ideas so it won’t be long until the monster is unleashed again.

MJ025 records you can listen to again and again… and tell us a few words about them…

Just 5? I’ll go with the first ones that come to mind…

Rolling Stones ‘Exile On Main Street’ – Quite simply my favourite album from the original rock n’ roll band, and proof that acoustic guitars can rock.

Manic Street Preachers ‘Generation Terrorists’ – A monster of an album with intelligent lyrics, big guitars and a punk rock attitude, what’t not to like?

Sex Pistols ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ – It changed the world and everyone who hears it.

Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers ‘L.A.M.F.’ – It just has everything a great rock n’ roll record needs.

Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite For Destruction’ – A classic that never gets old. It also holds a lot of memories for me, discovering great music for the first time.

You played a few times with Tyla J. Pallas. What other bands/artists have you shared stages with?

It’s always great to play with someone you admire and the gigs with Tyla are some of the best I have ever done. Over the years I have had the pleasure of sharing stages with some brilliant musicians and bands, including Manic Street Preachers, Pat McManus, John Corabi, Ricky Warwick, The Dogs D’Amour and many others.

You played a show in Paris last year. Do you plan to play more in France?

Yes I hope to come back again soon and tour around. I had such a good time the last time I was there and the people seemed to really like my music. More European shows are definitely on the cards!

Your next projects?

I am really proud of ‘Last One To Die’ and want to do as much as possible to promote it and make sure it gets heard, which will mean plenty of gigs. But I am always writing and want to do something with one of the bands again very soon. I’m sure it won’t be long until I am back in the studio for one thing or another!
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Matty James “Last One To Die”

LOTDFollowing two promising EPs and the STONES influenced single “Up In Smoke” (second track on the CD), “Last One To Die” is Matty James‘ debut album on his own record label Pirate Heart Records. If you want something done right, do it yourself!
The record starts in a dark folk melancholic way with “Leaving” in which you’ll find a bit of Nick Cave, or even VIOLENT FEMMES.
From heartbreak ballads (“Don’t Turn Your Light Out On Me”, “Never Learn”, “By The Cold Light Of The Night”, “Another Night”) to gutter bluesy rock’n’roll (‘Last One To Die” featuring DOGS D’AMOUR‘s Tyla J. Pallas”, “Better Days”, or the punky “Same Old Me (Brand New You)”), Matty James sounds like he already has recorded 5 albums before ; Sometimes you just have to admit that the best wines aren’t always the oldest ones!/Laurent C.

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Matty James “Uncertain Times” EP

MattytJamescoverDrummer in horror rock band CADAVER CLUB (Manchester, UK), Matty James is also a solo artist playing gutter-gypsy-troubadour rock’n’roll. This second EP opens with “A World Away”, a song that mixes the best of Izzy Stradlin’ with ELECTRIC ANGELS, quite a killer opener that won’t leave your mind after you’ve listened to it!
“Uncertain Times” slows things down in a Johnny Thunders way while “State Of Mind” and “Someday” could have been written and played by The DOGS D’AMOUR. The last song, “You’re Not The Only One” is an acoustic/piano rock’n’roll ballad that QUIREBOYS fans will enjoy with a good glass of wine!
It’s crazy to think that Matty is only 22 when you hear these 5 songs. I definitely look forward to what’s coming next!/Laurent C.