Pavid Vermin “The Beach Boys Never Surfed” 7″

PAVID VERMIN is a pop punk from Rhode Island. They start this 7″ telling us “The Beach Boys Never Surfed” with good melodies and all the best ingredients you can find in that style. Their sound isn’t too polished, which is a good thing in that style! “Give It A Rest” is faster, bringing bands like NOFX or The DESCENDENTS to mind while “Electric Blue Carpet” has a cool rock’n’roll on speed vibe with good vocal harmonies. The last song of the B side “Take Me To The Leader” is a catchy punk rock song that makes you realize that this is already the end of the record. Check it out on Jarama 45 RPM Recs, this is going to be a limited edition sea-blue vinyl record! /Laurent C.

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