Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds “Hyena Planet Bites On You”

This project between Eduardo Martinez (The FLAMING SIDEBURNS) and Joe Klenner (CORAZONES MUERTOS) is a SMACK/The FISHFACES project. First, It was supposed to be just one song, but it ended up as a whole 12 song album on which you’ll hear SMACK classics such as “Good Morning Headache”, “Through The Glass”, or “Skin Alley”, and FISHFACES songs like “So High The Moon”, “Crazy Diamonds”, or “Wide Awake.”
The original spirit of the songs can be found in these covers, this mix of AC/DC hard rock with 70s pychedelic rock like The DOORS.
In 2017, many people still don’t know anything about SMACK, and even less about The FISHFACES, so this could be a good introduction to these fine rock’n’roll bands from Finland. /Laurent C.

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