Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds “Hyena Planet Bites On You”

This project between Eduardo Martinez (The FLAMING SIDEBURNS) and Joe Klenner (CORAZONES MUERTOS) is a SMACK/The FISHFACES project. First, It was supposed to be just one song, but it ended up as a whole 12 song album on which you'll hear SMACK classics such as "Good Morning Headache", "Through The Glass", or "Skin Alley", and... Continue Reading →

V/A “SMACKED! – A tribute to ILari “Claude” Peltola”

It's good to see that someone finally decided to make a SMACK/Claude tribute album. Surprisingly, this comes from French record label Alive and Kickin'. Honestly, SMACK unfortunately never achieved any success in France (although their "Live Desire" album was also released on French record label High Dragon Records), and I wonder if they ever did... Continue Reading →

Smash Fashion “Blame It On The Brandy” 7″

Los Angeles doesn't only produce MOTLEY CRUE/GUNS N' ROSES clones. Look at SMASH FASHION for instance, these guys get most of their influences from the swinging 60s and sparkling 70s. Is it surprising? Not that much when you look at the band line-up: Nigel Mogg (ex-QUIREBOYS), Repo (ex-SMACK), Lloyd Stuart Casson (ex-ROCK CITY ANGELS) and... Continue Reading →

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