The Cheap Cassettes “Kiss The Ass Of My Heart” 7″

The CHEAP CASSETTES are from Seattle, but they don’t really sound like a grunge band. Opening song “Kiss The Ass Of My Heart” has this stylish romantic thing you could find in HANOÏ ROCKS, and “Black Leather Angel” reminds me of early/mid 00s glam punk, so you won’t be surprised to hear that former DIMESTORE HALOES members Chazz Matthews (vocals/guitar) and drummer Kevin Parkhurst are in the band. “Hieroglyphics in Lipstick” is a great song title, and it sounds like a fine mix of powerpop and American punk rock. “Worse N’ Better” is a good choice to put an end to his EP since it leaves you wanting for much more. The vinyl version is releases by Rum Bar Records, so you know what you should do. /Laurent C.

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