Junkie Dildoz “Fuck You We Rock” EP

FuckyouwerockCoverJust when you think you’ve seen all kind of rock band names around, a band called JUNKIE DILDOZ pops in!
Straight from Florence, Italy this 4 piece Crüe offers us 5 heavy metal songs dusted with a bit of sleaze rock, names like HARDCORE SUPERSTAR (“If I Have Enough”) or WEDNESDAY 13 (“I’m A Gun”) come to mind. JUNKIE DILDOZ are not afraid of clichés (from police sirens to high pitched screams and the cheesy ballad “You Wring My Heart Apart”), they rather play with them and it alls comes out ok in the end.
The last song on here “Sometimes She Dies” is the one that catches my hear the most, showing a more melodic (but still powerful) side of the band’s music. I guess the band would fit well opening for bands like STEEL PANTHER or CRASH DIET./Laurent C.


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