Cream Pie “No Secrets”

Italian band CREAM PIE has been around for a while since they started rockin’ in 2007 in the South of Italy, then later moved to Milan. On this new abum, opening track “Downtown Pirates” displays some classic modern sleaze metal, but second song “Away From Me” shows us a darker, heavier side of the band’s music, while “Naked” definitely heads to the melodic heavy metal direction.
Fans of 80s US hard rock will love “Givin’ Up”, bringing SLAUGHTER to mind, while “It’s Gonna Be Alright” has a bit of a TIGERTAILZ (Kim Hooker era) and SKID ROW feel to it. If you need more comparisons, let’s say that “Disasterpiece” has a bit of a BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION vibe… The cherry on the cake here is “Friendzoned”, a cool colourful glam metal tune that will make you want to listen to it again just after it stopped.
I’m not sure if this album needed two ballads, but apart from that, it does a good job, and if you’re into high-pitched sleaze metal like BLACKRAIN, big chances are you will love “No Secrets.” /Laurent C.
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Black Star Furies “Vamp In Paradise”

Italian hard rockers BLACK STAR FURIES are back with 14 songs. While the horror metal vibe can definitely be heard in the vocals, the guitars also have a strong VAN HALEN vibe (especially on the guitar solo extravaganza “1977”!.) You’ll find some dark heavy rock tunes and songs that stand somewhere between 80s hard rock and modern rock (almost nu-metal at times) (“Piece Of Your Action”, “Liz.”)
“Shirley”‘s guitar riff reminds me of DOKKEN, which is quite a good idea, since we all remember the band’s contribution in horror movies with “Dream Warriors”, “Doze” is more convincing than “Religion” when it comes to power ballads, and when the band goes boogie on “Last Kiss”, you can hear that these guys have rock’n’roll roots. “L.A. 81” is a pure fun nostalgia song, a celebration of what the Sunset Strip used to be, and the cover of FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD‘s classic “Relax” is pure pleasure.
“Vamp In Paradise” is a fun album, it might be a bit too long for the genre, but it should be in the playlist of legions of hard horror metal freaks soon./Laurent C.
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Hole Xpander “You Gonna Scream” (EP)

HoleXPanderNowadays, it can sometimes be difficult to hear any difference between plain heavy metal and sleaze metal since the bands that usually use the word “sleaze” are now mostly influenced by the 00s hair metal revival from Northern Europe, rather than by 80s L.A. rock’n’roll. HOLEXPANDER is no exception, hailing from the North of France, they’re into high-pitched screams (“You Gonna Scream”, or “Never Enough” in which you can hear a mix of King Diamond and Rob Halford on vocals), big backing vocals/guitar solos, and heavy power guitar riffin’. You’ll also get the usual (and not so needed when there’s only 4 songs) heartbroken ballad (“Since You Left Me”), here actually closer to VELVET REVOLVER and the 90s grungy metal scene.
Honestly not bad in that style, the best moment to me being “All My Tears”, but definitely too heavy for me./Laurent C.
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Bastardogs “No Pain No Gain”

BastardogsNoPainItalian sleazy rockers BASTARDOGS are back with a new album. 10 songs full of raw street metal riffs and hooligan backing vocals. Once again, the name of WRATHCHILD (U.K) comes to mind first, especially on the songs that were already on their previous EP (“Sex Machine”, “NUSU”), but it is mainly because of Bonne’s vocals ; BASTARDOGS don’t sound as glammy/shock rock as WRATHCHILD, they lean more on the sleaze metal side.
These four guys love their heavy metal, and you can definitely hear that on songs like “Last Night”, “Drinkin’ My Brain Off”, “Zombietown” or”Bad Dogs”, sometimes evoking W.A.S.P. (especially the guitars.)
“Edge Of Youth”, a more melodic song, is about CRASH DÏET‘s Dave Lepard (RIP),and that’s not very surprising since the band could easily fit in the Scandinavian 80s metal revival even though they’re Italian!
There’s an old-school flavour in this album that makes it quite enjoyable./Laurent C.

Superhorrorfuck “Death Becomes Us”

SHFDBUThis is already the 3rd album of these flashy Italian horror rockers. Still addicted to grand guignol (just look at the cover photo) and playing some sleaze injected metal that will remind you of WEDNESDAY 13, and sometimes of fellow Italian rock’n’rollers HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ (“Down At The Graveyard”, “Horrorchy III”), SUPERHORRORFUCK is now a well known name in the European horror rock scene.
On this brand new release, songs like “Love After Death” and “Headless Groupie” can appeal to MARILYN MANSON fans while “Voodoo Holiday” Threesome With The Dead”, or the punk metal anthem “Break Your Shit” can be played loud on more festive occasions such as Halloween parties or Zombie Walks. While the band maintain their fun colourful image on a high level, they can get darker musicwise, flirting with goth metal on “Ante Mortem Pictures”, and this fits them quite well since it is one of the best songs on this new album.
Now, I’m not sure why the band released the “Gore-Geous Dead” EP since those 4 songs are included on this album, and I wonder if the bonus track “Holy Zombie” was really needed, but apart from that “Death Becomes Us” should definitely be on top of your Halloween playlist this month along with CADAVER CLUB’s album./Laurent C.

Cream Pie “Unsigned 2.0”

Cream Pie_unsigned 2.0_frontThere’s probably been more glam metal influenced bands in Italy than in all the rest of Europe these last ten years, it’s like a neverending flow! CREAM PIE already have a few EPs and an album, and they even toured in the US in 2008 and in 2009, but this 7 song release actually shows more Scandinavian influences, especially HARDCORE SUPERSTAR when it comes to adding metal to sleaze rock. It sometimes works well (“See Ya Later”, “Bad Habits” or the bonus track “Missin’ You”), but also slides into territories that are a bit too metal for me (“The Evil Inside” or the epic power ballads “Such a Psycho” and “No Love Remains.”)
Singer Rachel O’ Neill has quite a high-pitched voice at times, reminding of bands like SLAUGHTER or more recently BLACKRAIN (especially on “Tiger”.) So, if you like your sleaze rock with a heavy dose of metal, then you know what to do!/Laurent C.

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Junkie Dildoz “Fuck You We Rock” EP

FuckyouwerockCoverJust when you think you’ve seen all kind of rock band names around, a band called JUNKIE DILDOZ pops in!
Straight from Florence, Italy this 4 piece Crüe offers us 5 heavy metal songs dusted with a bit of sleaze rock, names like HARDCORE SUPERSTAR (“If I Have Enough”) or WEDNESDAY 13 (“I’m A Gun”) come to mind. JUNKIE DILDOZ are not afraid of clichés (from police sirens to high pitched screams and the cheesy ballad “You Wring My Heart Apart”), they rather play with them and it alls comes out ok in the end.
The last song on here “Sometimes She Dies” is the one that catches my hear the most, showing a more melodic (but still powerful) side of the band’s music. I guess the band would fit well opening for bands like STEEL PANTHER or CRASH DIET./Laurent C.

Easy Trigger “Bullshit”

EasyTriggerJanuary has been a very Italian month here at Veglam! EASY TRIGGER are a hard rock/modern sleaze rock band from Verona that started hitting stages as a cover band in 2009. They released their first EP in March 2011 and now offer us 12 new songs on this album. Their music stands somewhere between HARDCORE SUPERSTAR (“Apologise”, “The Dreams”…), WEDNESDAY 13 (“Sex, Sex, Sex”, “Route 66″…) and the whole Swedish sleaze metal scene. EASY TRIGGER can also get more metal/hardcore on a song like “Bullshit”.
The high-pitched vocals are sometimes a bit hard to listen to (“Rocket Girl”, “Shootin’ In The Fire”) and I’m not sure that the ballad “Smokers Die Young” was really needed on the album, but all in all, “Bullshit” isn’t bad in that style especially if you like the more metallic stuff. Don’t believe the title!/Laurent C.

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