Easy Trigger “Bullshit”

EasyTriggerJanuary has been a very Italian month here at Veglam! EASY TRIGGER are a hard rock/modern sleaze rock band from Verona that started hitting stages as a cover band in 2009. They released their first EP in March 2011 and now offer us 12 new songs on this album. Their music stands somewhere between HARDCORE SUPERSTAR (“Apologise”, “The Dreams”…), WEDNESDAY 13 (“Sex, Sex, Sex”, “Route 66″…) and the whole Swedish sleaze metal scene. EASY TRIGGER can also get more metal/hardcore on a song like “Bullshit”.
The high-pitched vocals are sometimes a bit hard to listen to (“Rocket Girl”, “Shootin’ In The Fire”) and I’m not sure that the ballad “Smokers Die Young” was really needed on the album, but all in all, “Bullshit” isn’t bad in that style especially if you like the more metallic stuff. Don’t believe the title!/Laurent C.

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