The Dirty Truckers “Best Of”

I’m probably not the only person in the world who only found out about The DIRTY TRUCKERS thanks to their “Tiger Stripes” EP, but their first record “Bush League Romance” was actually released in 2001!
This “Best Of” goes through the band career and offers us 22 songs influenced by The REPLACEMENTS (“Like Him”, “All She Ever Wanted, “Stranger In Disguise”, ”Backpack”…) and 70s American rock’n’roll (“Sea Pines”, “Off The Hook.”) The mix of 90s indie rock and country influences also brings SOUL ASYLUM to mind in songs like “Boston Wrangler”, “Just Run Away”, or “Human Contact”, and songs like “Settle Down”, ‘Heavy Metal Weekend”, “Can’t Hardly Wait”, “Water Me Down”, or “Croscutting Concerns” are good catchy rock songs that every American rock’n’roll fan should check out. There’s also a ROLLING STONES touch in “3 Weeks To Go”, “Star In My dreams”, or “Not That Into You”, and The DIRTY TRUCKERS also successfully flirt with punk rock in “Been Around.”
22 songs might be a bit long, but this “Best Of” is never boring. /Laurent C.

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