White Demons “Bleed It Out”

Hailing out of Phoenix, AZ, WHITE DEMONS released their first album “Say Go” in 2006, and got positive feedback from Kim Fowley, himself! Well, these guys are influenced by bands like AC/DC and the DEAD BOYS, so they can’t go wrong!
“Bleed It Out” hits us in the face right from the start with “Clot When I Bleed” and “Humiliation”, delivering a perfect mix of sleazy street rock and high energy punk rock’n’roll, something that has been hard to find since the demise of The BLACK HALOS.
“Suspending The Laughs”, “Rolling On My Spine” (great catchy chorus!), and “So Bad” bring the best of Scandinavian rock’n’roll to mind, while you’ll hear a bit of JOHNNY THUNDERS and HANOÏ ROCKS in “Beautiful Remains”, and in “Don’t Wanna Be Damned.”
Vocals fueled with cigarettes and whisky mixed to teenage hooligan backing vocals always work in that style, as you can hear in “Lost Gone and Forgotten”, and a song like “Shake It Lose” could have been on the last MICHAEL MONROE album.
It’s a mystery why I haven’t heard about WHITE DEMONS before, so if you’re like me, don’t miss this one!/Laurent C.

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