Suicide Bombers “The Sex Tapes”

SBombersSexTapesA new EP from Norway’s SUICIDE BOMBERS: 6 explosive songs with retro-futuristic SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIKish samples in between them. Opening song “Bladerunner (Tokyo Nights)” does a great job at getting you hooked from the start, and makes you ready for “iKill (Suicide Romeo)”, a good dose of sleaze rock with guitars reminding of the mighty ZODIAC MINDWARP.
If you like 1983/84 MÖTLEY CRÜE, then you’ll probably enjoy “Planets Collide”, a song that could stand right in between “Too Young To Fall In Love” and “Looks That Kill”; and if you want some in your face heavy punk’n’roll, then “X.i. Thing” is the one for you.
Fans of the bubblegum glam punk side of the TRASHCAN DARLINGS will love “Boyfriend (Sha-La-La), and the cherry on top here is a wild hard rockin’ BACKSTREET GIRLS cover (“Devolicious Boys”)!
“The Sex Tapes” comes out with a booklet in which you’ll find the song lyrics and lots of coulourful pictures, you can trust these guys for not doing things by halves!/Laurent C.
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