The Hallingtons “Hop Til’ You Drop”

After releasing their EP “Hexed” 3 years ago and a few other EPs and digital releases before, The HALLINGTONS from Norway are back with a full LP on Monster Zero Records. The RAMONES influence is still very strong and these new songs have quite a few catchy choruses (“Not Coming Back To You”, “Business Boy”, “Slaughterhouse”, “Spinning Me Around”, “My My My Mexico”) The sunny pop punk side of the band shows more in songs like “Your Boy”, “Becky’s On E” or “Alien Girl” and you’ll get a good dose of old-school punk rock riffs in this album (“Go Godzilla”, “Figures You Out”.) The album closes with “Hallington Hop”, a song that must be the band’s anthem. Quite a fun summer punk rockin’ album!/Laurent.

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Lazy X releases “Shame On You”

From Oslo Norway, Lazy X was raised on real rock’n roll like Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses and Aerosmith. He was the lead guitarist in Suicide Bombers from 2011-2017 and released his first album as Lazy X on the sixth of December 2017.

I wrote this song cause i’ve been observing what the media is putting out regarding the Coronavirus. They scare people, they make people frightened. All of this just to make money to sell their stories. Why are we accepting all this. Why are we accepting and believing on all those experts telling us “the truth”

All of a sudden there were experts everywhere that have all the answers. It’s a crazy world but we know better, everyone feel unified in the feeling that everything is going to be alright. Stay safe, stay together.

Shame on you media!

Music is my genuine path in life. It is the best way for me to give of myself to this world.

I sacrifice for it in a way that I do for nothing else.

It’s dirty, decadent, glamorous, delicious and beautiful. Its raw, unpolished, uncontrollable and mysterious. Get ready to get catapulted in to a musical landscape of weird tones.

Barreling out of the past into the future.

Dare to dream, dare to do, dare to be different, dare to dare.”

Suicide Bombers “Murder Couture”

Opening with an epic introduction of the band, this fourth album of Norway’s SUICIDE BOMBERS looks as good as the previous ones, kind of ZODIAC MINDWARP meets SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK aesthetic including glossy and colourful pictures of the band dressed in Murder Couture…Then, the song “Murder Couture” offers us some anthemic heavy rock followed by the catchy “Kings & Queens” and its”Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh-O” chorus! The first single of the album, “So Bad” is a sleazy rock song with STEVE STEVENS guitar riffs, but the 80s glam metal influences can mostly be heard in “Love Disasters” and in “End Of The Story.” It sometimes gets a bit heavier with “Night That Never Ends”, “World Without End” (imagine a dirtier DOKKEN flirting with ROXX GANG and W.A.S.P.!), “Sleepless Elite” or “We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists” in which you’ll hear a DTK LAMF reference. “Madman” ends this album with raw energy and leave you wanting for more.
While hard rock/sleaze metal are far from being popular music styles nowadays, SUICIDE BOMBERS keep getting stronger and strronger, and this is a very good thing. /Laurent C.

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The Hallingtons “Hexed” EP

Norway might be famous for TURBONEGRO and black metal, but The HALLINGTONS are more influenced by American bands, especially the RAMONES (“Not My Deal”) and pop punk (listen to the chorus in “Jesus Freak” or the song “Pretty Neat” that reminds me a bit of The GROOVIE GHOULIES.) There’s more vocal harmonies in “The Witch” but “She’s On Repeat” keeps it all fun and simple.
6 fast poppy teenage punk songs the way it has to be done, and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that this EP is released by Monster Zero records. /Laurent C.

Hallingtons, The – Hexed EP

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Suicide Bombers “Suicide Idols”

This is the third SUICIDE BOMBERS release already if you don’t count the “Appetite For Explosions” 3 song debut CDR (2012.) As usual, the record opens with a SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK kind of intro, just before getting right into the heart of the matter, delivering some high quality hard rock’n’roll with “Suicide Idol”!
“Ready For Tonight” slows the tempo down, with sunny guitar leads and a catchy chorus, a bit like a dirtier POISON, also reminding of Chris Damien Dolls’ old band TRASHCAN DARLINGS (same thing with “Waiting”.) Classic hard rock fans will love “Next World War”, “Generation Kill” (you’ll hear a bit of a “Looks That Kills” tribute in this one), “We Got Tonight”, or “Keep An Eye On You” that has a bit of an early SKID ROW flavour in it. “Never Gonna Change” is a slow one, but it manages to bring an interesting atmosphere, somewhere between melancholy and desperation, while the other slow song of the album “Sex Star Icon” is a good heavy sleazy tune. Just before the outro, “Just One Fuck” ends “Suicide Idols”, leaving a catchy chorus stuck in your head. Something that is really nice with SUICIDE BOMBERS is their will to keep an old-school hard rock sound when too many new bands in this style choose the boring modern sound nowadays. Well, since the world has been goin’ crazy lately, its end might be near, so this is definitely an album you should play at your farewell party! /Laurent C.

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Suicide Bombers release new video “Ready For Tonight”


Alarms went off at the Royal Castle on July 27th and security teams rushed to one of the Queen’s storage facilities in Oslo. Upon arrival they found the kings of Rock’n’Roll, SUiCiDE BOMBERS, shooting the video for their hit-single READY FOR TONiGHT in an adjoining tunnel.

The drama lasted more than an hour and delayed the shoot, but when it was confirmed that no damage, other than the beautiful audio assult of high class Rock’n’Roll, was caused to the Queen’s furniture and the SUiCiDE BOMBERS had all their permits in order, the shoot could go on.

The SUiCiDE BOMBERS politely declined to be arrested and the security team politely declined to appear in the video, but everyone agreed that it was one fucking brilliant song and video!

See for yourself on Youtube:

Suicide Bombers “The Sex Tapes”

SBombersSexTapesA new EP from Norway’s SUICIDE BOMBERS: 6 explosive songs with retro-futuristic SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIKish samples in between them. Opening song “Bladerunner (Tokyo Nights)” does a great job at getting you hooked from the start, and makes you ready for “iKill (Suicide Romeo)”, a good dose of sleaze rock with guitars reminding of the mighty ZODIAC MINDWARP.
If you like 1983/84 MÖTLEY CRÜE, then you’ll probably enjoy “Planets Collide”, a song that could stand right in between “Too Young To Fall In Love” and “Looks That Kill”; and if you want some in your face heavy punk’n’roll, then “X.i. Thing” is the one for you.
Fans of the bubblegum glam punk side of the TRASHCAN DARLINGS will love “Boyfriend (Sha-La-La), and the cherry on top here is a wild hard rockin’ BACKSTREET GIRLS cover (“Devolicious Boys”)!
“The Sex Tapes” comes out with a booklet in which you’ll find the song lyrics and lots of coulourful pictures, you can trust these guys for not doing things by halves!/Laurent C.
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Suicide Bombers “Criminal Record”

Chris Damien Doll (ex-TRASHCAN DARLINGS) is back from the future as a sleaze Fürher in his new heavy riot rock gang the SUICIDE BOMBERS. Evolving in a concept somewhere between SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK’s clockwork sc-fi world and MÖTLEY CRÜE’s apocalyptic street rock universe, the SUICIDE BOMBERS tell us from the start what they’re all about in opening song “Let’s Rock’n’Roll”. It can’t go wrong from there…
If you liked the TRASHCAN DARLINGS, then you will find the song-writing style that made the them such a great band in songs like “Easy Access”, “Teenage Breakdown” or “Napalm Heart”, but the SUICIDE BOMBERS sounds more as a mix of TURBONEGRO and CRÜE if we had to put them in between two bands. Powerful and catchy are the guidelines here and you quickly get addicted when listening to “This Time Tomorrow”, “Princess Socialite”, or “High On Explosives”. The SUICIDE BOMBERS can also have their darker melodic moments (“Smoke & Mirrors”) and this makes us think that although they already found their style, they’re not ready to impose themselves limitations neither…
We probably have the best new band from Scandinavia here, way better than the new TURBONEGRO version for sure./Laurent C.