Suicide Bombers release new video “Ready For Tonight”


Alarms went off at the Royal Castle on July 27th and security teams rushed to one of the Queen’s storage facilities in Oslo. Upon arrival they found the kings of Rock’n’Roll, SUiCiDE BOMBERS, shooting the video for their hit-single READY FOR TONiGHT in an adjoining tunnel.

The drama lasted more than an hour and delayed the shoot, but when it was confirmed that no damage, other than the beautiful audio assult of high class Rock’n’Roll, was caused to the Queen’s furniture and the SUiCiDE BOMBERS had all their permits in order, the shoot could go on.

The SUiCiDE BOMBERS politely declined to be arrested and the security team politely declined to appear in the video, but everyone agreed that it was one fucking brilliant song and video!

See for yourself on Youtube:

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