Russ Lippitt “F.T.W. Rise of The Anarchy March” (Book – Ravenhawk Books)

The author of The Lion’s Share is back with a new novel. This time the action is happening in post-apoclyptic America in which anarchy is getting stronger and stronger through a movement called The Anarchy March. Politics, corruption, religion and the fight between the rich and the poor have dismantled what used to be The United States of America. We are told about living and fighting in this new world to stay free through the main characters and anti-heroes Darla, Doyle and Jack. You’ll probably enjoy finding many punk/hardcore rederences in this book which is not surprising considering Russ Lippitt’s background. While going through these no future adventures, you get to think that reading this novel a few years ago would have made you think “That’s a great Mad Max kind of fiction!” but looking at the state of the world right now with the countless abuse of powers by Governments and coronavirus, you can only get to think that it might just be a depiction of a not so distant future… /Laurent C.


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