Destination Lonely “Nervous Breakdown”

French trio DESTINATION LONELY already has 3 albums out. This new one is out on Vooddo Rhythm Records and contains 17 songs including two covers: “I Want You” (The TROGGS) and “Ann” (The STOOGES) that fits well with the fuzzy garage music of the band. Songs range from 70s psych rock (“Out of Your Head”) to 60s influenced garage blues (“Day by Day”, “Cry”, “Follia.”) A name like MUDHONEY sometimes comes to mind when listening to “Nervous Breakdown” or “Trouble” and you’ll even get a bit of French pop with “Je M’en Vais” as well as some experimental touches in “Nervous Breakdown (Big Band)” and in “Schizo MF.” It might be a bit long, but if you’re looking for some raw garage rock that still gives enough space to melodies, then you should definitely check this album out! /Laurent C.

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