Velvet Attack “Visions From Inner Space”

Back in 2007 I got to be the opening act (in a tour around Germany) opening for a killer band called The Cheeks, that’s when I met Chris and Kono. I’ve been a fan (and a friend) of their stuff ever since. They got back together and joined forces with Alex Schönert (guitar, backing vocals), Pele Götzer (bass, backing vocals) and Remco Reents (drums). This new band is called Velvet Attack (btw, brilliant name!) and it sounds amazingly well. Relased by “Soundflat Records” (one of the few strictly hardcore 60is labels left), their debut album is pure 60’s bliss. Produced by “Alaska Winter” (Pop Und Die Welt), stuff in here carries the same vibe (and flag) from previous releases by them, everything is wicked cool here. If you like 1960’s Psychedelic Pop and Rickenbacker guitars this is the album you need to listen right away. From the catchy “The Double Of Cylinder Man” to the Fuzzy “Daughter Of The Sun” these songs are custom made for nostalgia seekers, and they are filled with beautiful harmonies. The mid tempo breaks, the trippy bass lines or guitar arrangements are well thaught in every track. Some people might have a difficult time trying to figure out whether this album was released in 2022 or back in 1968, Songs like “Sound Of Tomorrow”, “Hellfire” or “She’s a Human Doll” are perfectly tributes to an almost forgotten era of music, a time when dressing in style and using loud Pop guitars was almost like a statement…..well, it still is. Knowing them when it comes to songwriting and recording I can tell that everything here was planned. The atmospheric and almost scenery “(It’s The) Dawn Of The Summer’ closing the album is a great example of knowing how to put together an album from the very beginning to the very end. It comes with a beautiful and stylistic artwork done by Eckhart Maronde and Kono. Definitely suitable for Love, The Animals, 13th Floor Elevators or The Zombies fans. /Juan Pablo Mazzola.

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Doctor Explosion “Superioridad Moral”

This is the first album in 11 years for this garage-psychedelic band from Spain. It starts with a stoner rock riff and repetitive beats in “Insatisfaccio” before going psych-pop with “Vestir de Mujer.” The Spanish vocals fit well with this music style even on the old-school garage songs like “El Dia Que David Murio”, “La Pollila” or “Grises.” No wonder this band is from Spain since songs like “La Gente No Sabe Gastar”, “Paleto” or “Acidez” are really sunny. It’s easy to imagine that this band must be successful in Spain and in Spanish speaking countries but if you’re into fuzz and garage, you should definitely check them. “Superioridad Moral” is out on Slovenly Recordings. /Laurent C.

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Robbie Quine “Glitter Hole”

We’ve been following The BARBARELLATONES for years now and although Robbie has been releasing songs on a regular basis we were impatiently waiting for a new album. Here it is under his own name ROBBIE QUINE. “Eclipse” opens the record with an interesting mix of 70s glam rock and medieval vibes reminding a bit of the latest DAMNED stuff before “Betty Page” takes us to mysterious psychedelic rock’n’roll lands. “Just Another Emo Day” sounds more like an epic 60s ballad than an emocore song and “Glitter Train”, “Creeps Me Out” sound close to the cryptic glam rock you can hear in The BARBARELLATONES albums. If you need to hear a great new wave punk song mixing late 70s Berlin and early 80s New York together then “New Wave Girl” is the one for you and if you’re looking for a 70s glam ballad about sharing make-up with a girl then listen to “Glam Rock Girl.” You can also hear some VELVET UNDERGROUND influences in “Run Rabbit Run” and more glitter rock flirting with 60s psych in “Electric Pussycat.” “The Loneliest Clown” brings a comedy/tragedy element to the album and the album ends with a gothic glam touch with “It Came From Beyond” and the sweet and finely arranged ballad “Ode To A Mermaid.” Robbie says that if you put this album in your pipe and smoke it, you will exhale LOTS of glitter. We believe him! /Laurent C.

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Into The Valley Of Death “Ruthless” EP

INTO THE VALLEY OF DEATH is the new band of Spencer Robinson mixing psych to doom and stoner rock. “Reject” opens with a very slow and damp atmosphere reminding a bit of The GOD MACHINE. “Freight Train” has this heavy BLACK SABBATH vibe you could hear in early stoner bands while “Ghost” takes us to a dark psychedelic trip. There’s a suffocative desert atmosphere in “Hollow Soul”and in “Utah” that turns into 70s psych rock with “Spacemen” and “Rigged” is the most cinematic track, putting an end to this EP in a MARK LANEGAN way. This is the soundtrack for your dirty black summer. /Laurent C.

Velvet Attack releases first single/video “(She’s a) Human Doll”

German garage/psych/freak beat band VELVET ATTACK have just released their first single “(She’s a) Human Doll/DR. Jesus Gonzales” on Soundflat Records.

The band was formed in 2018 by members of The CHEEKS, JELLY PLANET, KLEE and ASTRAKID.

Vocal harmonies à la BEACH BOYS and BYRDS meet 12 string guitar soundscapes and fuzz attacks, without losing sight of the HERE and NOW!

The band is working with renowned producer Alaska Winter (Pop Und Die Welt) on their debut album to be released in late 2021.

You can watch the video for “(She’s a) Human Doll” here:

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Destination Lonely “Nervous Breakdown”

French trio DESTINATION LONELY already has 3 albums out. This new one is out on Vooddo Rhythm Records and contains 17 songs including two covers: “I Want You” (The TROGGS) and “Ann” (The STOOGES) that fits well with the fuzzy garage music of the band. Songs range from 70s psych rock (“Out of Your Head”) to 60s influenced garage blues (“Day by Day”, “Cry”, “Follia.”) A name like MUDHONEY sometimes comes to mind when listening to “Nervous Breakdown” or “Trouble” and you’ll even get a bit of French pop with “Je M’en Vais” as well as some experimental touches in “Nervous Breakdown (Big Band)” and in “Schizo MF.” It might be a bit long, but if you’re looking for some raw garage rock that still gives enough space to melodies, then you should definitely check this album out! /Laurent C.

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The Laissez Fairs “Marigold”

Las Vegas Psych mods The LAISSEZ FAIRS are back with this 16 song album (double album?) on Rum Bar Records. Opening song “Long Grow The Marigolds” brings you back to 60s psychedelism before “Phantom Stranger” will make you space dance! “My Thursday” Girl” has a bit of an early BOWIE vibe, “Mister Wryly” and “We’ll Get There Someday” have a bit of BAUHAUS in them and “Redundant Beach” is a good modern psych glam song. While the whole album definitely has its roots deep in the past, there’s also a modern approach to it in the songwriting and in the arrangements and that’s a big part of the band’s identity. The shadow of the VELVET UNDERGROUND also appears at times (“Dirty Alice Jones”, “Remember Her”) and the garage influences can mostly be heard in “Follow The Money” or in “Lillie May”, but rather than describing and comparing, just take a trip with The LAISSEZ FAIRS! /Laurent C.

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Spencer Robinson And The Wolf Spiders “Poisonous Berry” 7″

New single for the very prolific SPENCER ROBINSON AND THE WOLF SPIDERS on British record label Komakino Records. “Poisonous Berry” starts with tribal drums and then evolves into some dark acoustic rock reminding of NICK CAVE with HENRY ROLLINS-ish vocals. The other song, “Seeing You In The Dark” is a slower track with psych guitars and 60s organ. MARK LANEGAN comes to mind when listening to this one, but this mix of such various influences and moods give SPENCER ROBINSON AND THE WOLF SPIDERS their own identity. /Laurent C.

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