Lana Loveland “Strange Charms” 7″

FUZZTONES‘ organist LANA LOVELAND released her first solo “Order To Love” album in 2011 and is back with a brand new single. The band’s line-up includes two FUZZTONES members: Rudi Protrudi on bass, and Lennny Silvar (lead guitar.) “Strange Charm” has this cryptic sexy 60s vibe you can also hear in The FUZZTONES, and Lana’s vocals adds feline melodies to it. Strident guitars flirt with spooky organ and groovy bass in style. This song could be featured in a Quentin Tarantino movie as well as in a James Bond one! Side B offers us “Web Of Sound”, a more psychedelic song with repetitive guitars which also is a lyrical homage to legendary SEEDS frontman Sky Saxon. A full album would be great, but don’t wait and get this fine 7″ vinyl record from Hound Gawd! Records. /Laurent C.
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The Laissez Fairs “Empire Of Mars”

The LAISSEZ FAIRS are not a British band from the 60s. They are actually from Las Vegas, NV and have just released a new album. While the mod influence is visible at first glance, you can also hear a strong psych one in the band’s music as soon as “High Horse” starts, reminding the hindu era of The BEATLES in the arrangements. When you listen to “Like Mrs Peel In Leather”, you immediately think that, despite the OASIS touches in it, the way the song is mixed bring us back to the 60s. “Wanna Make You Mine”, “Again Again Again”, and “Empire of Mars” are darker in a DOORS way, while “Almost Got You Made”, “A Girl Insane”, and “Silhouette Suzy” bring the pop side of the band out. The ROLLING STONES and The WHO are never too far when you listen to a song like “Higher Than You’d Meant To Go”, and you can even hear some PINK FLOYD in “Moving To Slow.”
This album also sometimes reminded me a bit of Matt Cameron’s  HATER  for some reason, which is not a bad thing to me. Rather than being just a revival album, this is a timeless one. /Laurent C.
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