Destination Lonely “Nervous Breakdown”

French trio DESTINATION LONELY already has 3 albums out. This new one is out on Vooddo Rhythm Records and contains 17 songs including two covers: “I Want You” (The TROGGS) and “Ann” (The STOOGES) that fits well with the fuzzy garage music of the band. Songs range from 70s psych rock (“Out of Your Head”) to 60s influenced garage blues (“Day by Day”, “Cry”, “Follia.”) A name like MUDHONEY sometimes comes to mind when listening to “Nervous Breakdown” or “Trouble” and you’ll even get a bit of French pop with “Je M’en Vais” as well as some experimental touches in “Nervous Breakdown (Big Band)” and in “Schizo MF.” It might be a bit long, but if you’re looking for some raw garage rock that still gives enough space to melodies, then you should definitely check this album out! /Laurent C.

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The Morlocks “Bring On The Mesmeric Condition”

Originally formed in California in 1984, The MORLOCKS have been through various line-up changes and break-ups, but the re-vamped version of the band is now based in Düsseldorf, Germany. The cover of this 7th album will fascinate you as much as it will hurt your eyes, and the vinyl version is released by Germany’s finest rock’n’roll record label, Hound Gawd! Records. While many garage rock bands only strictly follow the style’s rules, The MORLOCKS have always mixed 60s rock’n’roll/garage with 70s wild rock’n’roll and other various influences, and it is obvious from the start on this new record with opening track “Bothering Me.” Songs like “Heart of Darkness” and “High Tide Killer” even bring names like ROWLAND S. HOWARD and NICK CAVE to mind, in a very cinematic way. “No One Rides For Free” and “You Don’t Know (How Young You Are)” both have a voodooish STIV BATORS thing to them, and “We Can Get Together” or “Easy Action” already sound like a garage classics! The MORLOCKS show us how to groove with style in “Down Underground”, and inject a dirty dose of NEW YORK DOLLS meets Detroit rock’n’roll in “Time To Move” and in “One Foot In The Grave.” The spirits of The FUZZTONES, The SEEDS, and 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS with the attitude of The STOOGES are all in this new album! 2018 is not over yet, but “Bring On The Mesmeric Condition” should definitely be on the top of every “best rock’n’roll albums of the year” list! /Laurent C.

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Bitchqueens/Trashmonkeys “Split 7″”

BITCH QUEENS from Switzerland join forces together with TRASHMONKEYS from Germany to bring you this nice 7″ vinyl. BITCH QUEENS offer us two songs that aren’t as TURBONEGRO influenced as the ones from their “Female Shotgun” album. This is short, this is fast, this is rock’n’roll in an early BACKYARD BABIES way and “Wipeout Kids” is a killer track!
TRASHMONKEYS are more influenced by modern garage rock, “Give That To Me” heavily reminding of The HIVES and “Zero” having an interesting psyche-punk fuzzy feel.
This 7″ comes at the right moment to remind me how cool split records are./Laurent C.

Ashtones/Asphalt Tuaregs “Savage Salvation” Split 10″.

The ASHTONES have been in the French news lately, but unfortunately for other reasons than their music as their guitar player got killed by some stupid hunter while driving the band’s van…
2 bands and 10 songs on pretty pink vinyl, this looks good for sure. The ASHTONES’ opening song “Teenage Hunting” is a damn great start! The band’s music still stands somewhere between garage rock and 77 punk rock but they also do justice to TURBONEGRO’s “Monkey On Yer Back” on this 10″, quite a good cover song choice as The ASHTONES aren’t musically far from early TURBONEGRO. Their 77′ side can especially be heard on “Howling Degenerate” and is always more than enjoyable.
ASPHALT TUAREGS seem to be more influenced by the Australian punk rock scene and grunge with a bit of MOTORHEAD thrown into it. Unfortunately, the poor muffled production make them sound quite messy so it’s hard to get a real opinion about the band while listening to these songs. You just feel like they are better than what you hear on this split 10″ and can tell that they have a very good bass player.
Anyway, if you like it raw, this vinyl is for you!/Laurent C.