Bubblegum Screw “Filthy! Rich! Lolitas!”

BubblegumScewFRLLondon-based glam punk/garage rock’n’roll with a big love for leopard print! Even though they get influenced by British punk rock such as The CLASH (“Tura Satana”, “First Against The Wall”), BUBBLEGUM SCREW seems to be more influenced by the early American punk rock’n’roll scene, “Second Class Citizen” and “Lolita” almost sound like DEAD BOYS songs (Mark Thorn’s vocals really help with that), and the title “Play Some Fucking Stooges” should be clear enough for all of you! Quite a good tribut to Iggy’s band. The ghost of the RAMONES is also wandering around (“I Wanna Fuck You So Much It Hurts Me”) at times.
The production of these 12 songs is raw, but well, in these “over-produced pro-tools” days, I won’t complain about that, especially when it doesn’t affect the quality and energy of the songs (“Glam Rock Doll” or the 60s garage influenced “Uncensor Myself”…)
Unlike many British bands that seem to be afraid to leave their island, BUBBLEGUM SCREW have toured all over Europe, and these guys definitely have good taste since their Facebook page even lists the DOGS (although they were from Rouen, and not from Paris as written…)!… You’ve probably understood that “Filthy! Rich! Lolitas!” is only waiting for you to listen to it now./Laurent C.


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