Bubblegum Screw “Filthy! Rich! Lolitas!”

London-based glam punk/garage rock'n'roll with a big love for leopard print! Even though they get influenced by British punk rock such as The CLASH ("Tura Satana", "First Against The Wall"), BUBBLEGUM SCREW seems to be more influenced by the early American punk rock'n'roll scene, "Second Class Citizen" and "Lolita" almost sound like DEAD BOYS songs... Continue Reading →

Bubblegum Screw “Screwphoria”

While the mystery of the dinosaur's disappearance can partially be explained now, the one about the slow extinction of glam punkers on the British soil is still an unresolved issue... I don't know if BUBBLEGUM SCREW was born after some crazy scientist extracted a piece of DNA from a frilled shirt that was fossilized under... Continue Reading →

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