Bubblegum Screw “Screwphoria”

While the mystery of the dinosaur’s disappearance can partially be explained now, the one about the slow extinction of glam punkers on the British soil is still an unresolved issue…
I don’t know if BUBBLEGUM SCREW was born after some crazy scientist extracted a piece of DNA from a frilled shirt that was fossilized under Soho’s pavement, but thanks to this band, the genre could finally be reborn in Kate and Pippa’s kingdom.
“Screwphoria” comes out in a cover à la MANIC STREET PREACHERS and offers us some songs built on solid STOOGES/DEAD BOYS foundations with a touch of glam. These tracks are often underlined with some sexy backing vocals reminding me of Lady Bittersweet’s in SPARKLING BOMBS. The album was released to strike a blow!
If it happens that these guys are not unfortunately buried beneath tons of meteorite dust, then we could hear about them in a near future as they have the looks, the attitude and quite a few exciting hits under their arm! Very good job./Franckie.http://bubblegumscrew1.bandcamp.com/

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