Sloks “Holy Motor”

“One Up” and “Rat” open this album in a very no wave way full of noise and repetitive beats, but the Italian power trio has its roots in primitive garage as you can hear in “Holy Motor.” SLOKS tell us that “Jazz Is Dead” in a psychedelic chaotic celebration of noise, but also admit they can make your dad dance to indie garage rock (“Dad Can Dance”, “Lost Memory”) and lo-fi grunge (“The Swamp”, “Crashing.”) Actually, a song like “By The River” could make SONIC YOUTH sound as an overproduced band! I often think that this kind of music is better live than on record, but the production makes the band sounds as if they were playing right in front of you.
It’s raw, it’s primitive and it is out on Swiss record label Voodoo Rhythm Records. /Laurent C.

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