J.D. Hangover “S/T”

This 6 song vinyl is an interesting mix of no wave and blues, minimalism and soul. It was recorded live using a 50s RCA microphone, so it feels just like the duo is playing in the same room with a vintage drum machine and reverb. The ghosts of SUICIDE and The GUN CLUB wander in “Broken Bones Blues” or “Barrellhouse Queen”, but this doesn’t mean that J.D. HANGOVER belongs to the past. Names like BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB or The KILLS also come to mind while listening to this record. Slide guitars, dirty distortion, harmonica and piano arrangements all mix in a dark cavernous atmosphere that brings night visions of the old NYC to mind. J.D. HANGOVER has opened for various bands such as BOSS HOG, PIL or ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO, so you should be able to catch them live sooner or later.
The album is out on Hound Gawd! Records. /Laurent C.

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Sloks “Holy Motor”

“One Up” and “Rat” open this album in a very no wave way full of noise and repetitive beats, but the Italian power trio has its roots in primitive garage as you can hear in “Holy Motor.” SLOKS tell us that “Jazz Is Dead” in a psychedelic chaotic celebration of noise, but also admit they can make your dad dance to indie garage rock (“Dad Can Dance”, “Lost Memory”) and lo-fi grunge (“The Swamp”, “Crashing.”) Actually, a song like “By The River” could make SONIC YOUTH sound as an overproduced band! I often think that this kind of music is better live than on record, but the production makes the band sounds as if they were playing right in front of you.
It’s raw, it’s primitive and it is out on Swiss record label Voodoo Rhythm Records. /Laurent C.

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Lydia Lunch Retrovirus “Urge To Kill”

LYDIA LUNCH always has something cooking. I saw her a few month ago with A KALEIDOSCOPE OF NOTHINGNESS for her “Sick With Desire” spoken words/sonic and visual performance, some dark urban poetry with a collage/slogan setting and a great dancer girl. I didn’t know what to expect, and it was really good. On this new album, LYDIA LUNCH joined forces with guitarist Weasel Walter (FLYING LUTTENBACHERS), bassist Tim Dahl (CHILD ABUSE) and drummer Bob Bert (SONIC YOUTH, PUSSY GALORE) in order to record 9 songs live in the studio. The band already worked together under the name RETROVIRUS before when they toured in the US in 2012, and then released the 2013 album “Retrovirus” recorded live in New York.
“Snakepit Breakdown” opens in a noisy, repetitive, hypnotic way just before calming the atmosphere down in a dark, and almost disturbing way with “Some Boys”, a song of the 1984 EP “In Limbo.” You’ll also find LYDIA‘s excellent ROWLAND S. HOWARD cover of “Still Burning” that was on this EP as well, and a tremendous, very organic interpretation of SUICIDE‘s “Frankie Teardrop.”
“Dead Me You Beside”, “Three Kings”, and “Tied and Twist” display the more experimental side of RETROVIRUS, with memerizing groovy bass and free jazz guitar, while “Fields Of Fire” get us back to NYC punk roots, and “Three Kings” puts an end to this record, bringing back the Berlin no wave of “Honeymoon In Red” to mind, leaving you breathless, your mind wandering somewhere in between the dark scents of the past, contemporary violence and lust for life. “Urge To Kill” will make you feel alive. /Laurent C.

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