J.D. Hangover “S/T”

This 6 song vinyl is an interesting mix of no wave and blues, minimalism and soul. It was recorded live using a 50s RCA microphone, so it feels just like the duo is playing in the same room with a vintage drum machine and reverb. The ghosts of SUICIDE and The GUN CLUB wander in... Continue Reading →

Sloks “Holy Motor”

"One Up" and "Rat" open this album in a very no wave way full of noise and repetitive beats, but the Italian power trio has its roots in primitive garage as you can hear in "Holy Motor." SLOKS tell us that "Jazz Is Dead" in a psychedelic chaotic celebration of noise, but also admit they... Continue Reading →

Lydia Lunch Retrovirus “Urge To Kill”

LYDIA LUNCH always has something cooking. I saw her a few month ago with A KALEIDOSCOPE OF NOTHINGNESS for her "Sick With Desire" spoken words/sonic and visual performance, some dark urban poetry with a collage/slogan setting and a great dancer girl. I didn't know what to expect, and it was really good. On this new... Continue Reading →

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