Sloks “Holy Motor”

“One Up” and “Rat” open this album in a very no wave way full of noise and repetitive beats, but the Italian power trio has its roots in primitive garage as you can hear in “Holy Motor.” SLOKS tell us that “Jazz Is Dead” in a psychedelic chaotic celebration of noise, but also admit they can make your dad dance to indie garage rock (“Dad Can Dance”, “Lost Memory”) and lo-fi grunge (“The Swamp”, “Crashing.”) Actually, a song like “By The River” could make SONIC YOUTH sound as an overproduced band! I often think that this kind of music is better live than on record, but the production makes the band sounds as if they were playing right in front of you.
It’s raw, it’s primitive and it is out on Swiss record label Voodoo Rhythm Records. /Laurent C.

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Hollywood Killerz “The Starving Sound”

Torino’s sleaziest killerz are back with a new 14 song digipack CD. The intro of “Mean Streets” and its STOOGES-esque guitar riff shows us from the start that the band still like their punk rock with a hard rock touch, or their hard rock with a punk rock touch?… If BACKYARD BABIES and MURDERDOLLS had a bastard child, then it would probably have written songs like “Glitter Free Paranoid” or “Little Electric Smile”, and songs like “Corroded Heart”, “Memory District”, or “What I Left Behind” aren’t far from the latest MICHAEL MONROE albums. The band sometimes slow things down to offer us the catchy “Black Coffee Song”, the darker “Local Rubbish Dealer” or the DEAD BOYS influenced “The Ballad Of Sore Perception”, and the glam punk roots of HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ also shows in “Filthy” or “Mind Your Meds.”
Not convinced yet? Then just listen to the D-GENERATED “I Just Wanna Get Some Junk”! Another cool album you should get… What? You still haven’t heard of HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ? Where have you been all this time? /Laurent C.

Hollywood Killerz

Dobermann “Pure Breed”

Founded by ADAM BOMB bass player Paul Del Bello, DOBERMANN have been touring all around Europe, bringing their hard rock’n’roll to the masses. The Italian power trio offers us 10 new songs of classic influenced AC/DC rock’n’roll, but never sounds vintage. The energy and production bring a band like AIRBOURNE to mind, but the guitar solos definitely have more heavy metal into them. Speaking of guitar solos, “Radioactive” features ex-GUNS N’ ROSES member Bumblefoot, so you can imagine that the song gets a little crazy once the guitar solo starts! You’ll also find ADAM BOMB on “I Fucking Hate Drummers” (you’ve probably already seen the t-shirts Paul makes), a fun and catchy glammy tune full of cowbell.
There are some really good late 80s influenced sleazy hard rock’n’roll songs on this album, like “Pure Breed”, “Taking In The Out Takes”, or “Hometown”, but the band also show their love for what we used to call “big rock”, in a DAVID LEE ROTH way with “Stuck In The Traffic.” Seems like DOBERMANN are only getting better and better with each new release. /Laurent C.


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