Hey Honcho & The Aftermaths “Chico Purito!!”

The debut album of Spanish garage punk rock’n’rollers HEY HONCHO & THE AFTERMATHS on Hound Gawd! Records. While the band definitely sounds garage, there’s also some 77 punk influences in songs like “Sally Can’t Wait”, “Can’t Stand The Pain”, “Pick Up The Phone”, or “Dull Boy.” You’ll hear some catchy choruses (“Speak To Complain”, “Fair Play!”), some angry punk’n’roll (“Coup de Grace”, “Ejecter”), and some danceable rock’n’roll tracks (“Bossman”, “Blackburn Inn.”) “Communication” suprisingly gets in MUDHONEY‘s territory, and it also fits the band quite well.
“Chico Purito!!” was recorded live in one day, and that probably was the best choice since it’s definitely full of raw, hardcore and chaotic energy! The album finishes with the DEAD BOYS classic “All This And More.” Stiv would have enjoyed.
It seems like garage rock still stands strong in Spain, and this vinyl record is a good proof of this!/Laurent C.

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