The Guilty Hearts “S/T”

Los Angeles garage rock’n’rollers are back with a 3rd release on Voodoo Rhythm Records. As soon as “Too Far Down” starts you’re sure that this album won’t make you fall asleep. Fuzz, distortion and primitive rawk’n’roll songs is what you’ll get! “Turn It Off” mixes 60s garage with noise rock while “Satisfied” brings some furious punk speed rock to our ears and “Him or Me” shows us that these guys also enjoy good catchy choruses. You get a little rest with the very cinematic and dirty blues Western song “Ghost In My Room”, you’ll probably think of The GUN CLUB while listening to “Pine Box Ritual” or “Jack On Fire” and you’ll hear a bit of STOOGES in “Gimme Some Water”. Blues trash garage punk for the wild at heart! /Laurent C.
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