Rakel Traxx “Dirty Dollz”

The South of France is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about glam metal, but RAKEL TRAXX has been around for a while now and these guys know what they’re talking about. Here they are again with 10 traxx full of heavy, sleazy rock’n’roll riffs, catchy choruses (“Can’ t You See”, “Red N’ Hot”, “I Need Your Love Tonite”), and 80s rock influenced melodies (“You’ll Never Stop The Game”, “Cry and Die”…)
While so many singers in that style torture us with high-pitched vocals, Shanon’s voice does a great job, reminding me of Davy Vain. It perfectly fits with the band’s heavy rock’n’roll music.
The production is solid, modern (especially on songs like “Lady Got a Gun”), but still keeps some raw live energy, and the good thing about this album is that there’s no filler (even the epic “Drugs to Kill Your Mind” is better than most power ballads in the genre): 10 songs, the perfect number for a vinyl release, so maybe this will be released as an LP? For now, “Dirty Dollz” is available on CD through Shotgun Generation Records./Laurent C.

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