Atlanta rock’n’roll gang RMBLR offers us their second 5 song EP now on Spaghetty Town Records. The catchy single and video “My Main Muscle” sparkled my interest delivering some catchy punk rock’n’roll with with a good dose of fun and a wild vibe often missing in bands today. You can also hear this in the ’77 punk stained “Machine Gun!!” or “Hurricane Kiss” while the glam bootboy “Tal’m Bout” brings GIUDA to mind. Concerned with American police violence and racial injustice, RMBLR hits us with “Move Over” and leaves us wanting to hear much more. Bringing back the spirit of Bovver and Sharpies with a proto-punk/early glam sound, glitter rock mullets and hooligan vocals, RMBLR are ready to conquer the world whether you want it or not! We’ll be sure looking forward to seeing them in Europe.  /Laurent C.

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