The Golden Rat “We Got A Right”

You’re probably familiar with Mr. Ratboy if you’re a regular here and especially if you enjoy General Labor’s rock’n’roll columns. Names like SOUR JAZZ, MOTORCYCLE BOY or PILL BOX must ring a bell too if you like your rock’n’roll dirty and glammy! Now based in Japan, Mr. Ratboy has joined forces with Hiroshi The Golden Arm, the “Japanese Johnny Thunders” and here they are showing us their impeccable taste through 15 covers reflecting their late 70s/early 80s teenage influences.
Brian James‘ “Ain’t That A Shame” is given a wonderful Johnny Thunders treatment just before a jewel version of “It’s No Enough” (The HEARTBREAKERS.) “Russian Roulette” (The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH) has been covered again and again but this stripped down version is one of the best I’ve heard. You’ll also hear good versions of Lou Reed‘s “Rock’n’Roll Heart”, Patti Smith‘s “Dancing Barefoot” or The STRANGLERS‘ “No More Heroes.” The choice in covers sometimes get more adventurous and still interesting with The LITTLE ROOSTERS‘ “Ain’t Proud” or Mitch Ryder‘s “Ain’t Nobody White.” The ROLLING STONES‘ “Some Girls” definitely has its place here as well as The RAMONES “Don’t Come Close” and cult bands like MAGAZINE and The MODERN LOVERS are here too with fabulous versions of “Shot By Both Sides” and “She Cracked.” Australia is also represented with “a Minor Aversion” (The SAINTS) and a fantastic version of “Love Kills” (RADIO BIRDMAN.) The record closes quietly with The ONLY ONES ‘”The Whole Of The Law.” If you must listen to only one cover album this year, then get this one! /Laurent C.

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