The Gentlemens “Triage”

This is the third full-length album of punk blues Italian trio The GENTLEMENS. The vinyl version is released by Hound Gawd! Records, so it looks very nice as usual. ‘Still I Am” gives this album a quite brilliant opening, bringing a vibe somewhere between The CRAMPS and JOHN SPENCER, while second song “Sheltered” is a great high primitive energy track. The band also sounds more modern garage rock with noisy dissonance in “Shame-Love”, and even adds some pop to the recipe in “I Let You Die” and in “Sin Love Pray.” The garage influence is especially strong in “Out Of Here”, “Dlana’s Flavour” or in “Lower Ground Floor.” You’ll even here some blues (“She Made Me Hard”) and a bit of funk in “A Second Coming”, while “John Q Public Blues” sounds darker, hypnotic and more cinematic.
Italy has been offereing us some quite interesting rock’n’roll bands lately, and The GENTLEMENS are definitely one of them! /Laurent C.

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