WolfWolf & The Tuzemak Orchestra “S/T” EP

Mr. Wolf (drums) and Mr. Wolf (guitar) decided to go on a Balkan trip with a few Mexican spirits. They brought a couple of friends with them and here they are... "Monsters" brings some burlesque and tequila in rock'n'roll, as if a gang of pirates were partying in New Orleans just before going to Mexico... Continue Reading →

The Cutthroat Brothers and Mike Watt “Devil In Berlin”

At first glance, this one could be a metal album but The CUTTHROAT BROTHERS and MIKE WATT (MINUTEMEN...) are more into rock'n'roll and garage, and they like it heavy, bluesy with dirty guitars. "Been Away" is quite catchy, "Devil In Berlin" almost has a psychobilly vibe and "Love, Drugs, Etc." and "Kiss The Moon" are... Continue Reading →

The Gentlemens “Triage”

This is the third full-length album of punk blues Italian trio The GENTLEMENS. The vinyl version is released by Hound Gawd! Records, so it looks very nice as usual. 'Still I Am" gives this album a quite brilliant opening, bringing a vibe somewhere between The CRAMPS and JOHN SPENCER, while second song "Sheltered" is a... Continue Reading →

The Ghost Wolves “Texa$ Platinum”

This guitar duo from Austin, Texas was formed in 2011 and bring us their second album, released by German record label Hound Gawd records! 14 songs of garage punk with a riot grrl touch that sometimes bring a band like BABES IN TOYLAND to mind. "Attitude Problem" and "Strychnine In My Lemonade" both display the... Continue Reading →

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