The Hip Priests “Stand For Nothing”

The HIP PRIESTS are probably one of the most active rock’n’roll bands in the UK at the moment, they released four albums, three EPs and twenty four (!) 7″ singles in a little more than 10 years! Kicking off with “Welcome To Shit Island” (Brexit, anyone?), The HIP PRIESTS‘ punk rock’n’roll still sounds as nihilistic, fast and tight as ever. You’ll hear some Jerry Lee Lewis piano mixed to TURBONEGRO backing vocals in “Stand For Nothing”, and a bit of early HELLACOPTERS in “Cheers To Me” and “Losers Of The Faith.” The HIP PRIESTS mix hard rock riffs, solos and attitude to raw, dirty punk energy the same way early 00′ Scandinavian bands used to do, and whne you think about it, not many bands manage to do this anymore. Most of these bands have now moved more melodic American influenced 70s rock’n’roll. The band sounds unstoppable when listening to “Social Hand Grenade” and ZEKE comes to mind in songs like “U Okay Hun” or “From Here To Adversity.” “DeJa F.U” is one of the catchiest songs on this album, and is probably amazing when played live. These guys only slow down with “How Do You Get Off” before getting back to in your face punk’n’roll with “Last Train Wrecks” and “Rock n Roll Leper”, a song that could be their anthem. High energy freaks will love this new album! /Laurent C.

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