The Hip Priests “Stand For Nothing”

The HIP PRIESTS are probably one of the most active rock’n’roll bands in the UK at the moment, they released four albums, three EPs and twenty four (!) 7″ singles in a little more than 10 years! Kicking off with “Welcome To Shit Island” (Brexit, anyone?), The HIP PRIESTS‘ punk rock’n’roll still sounds as nihilistic, fast and tight as ever. You’ll hear some Jerry Lee Lewis piano mixed to TURBONEGRO backing vocals in “Stand For Nothing”, and a bit of early HELLACOPTERS in “Cheers To Me” and “Losers Of The Faith.” The HIP PRIESTS mix hard rock riffs, solos and attitude to raw, dirty punk energy the same way early 00′ Scandinavian bands used to do, and whne you think about it, not many bands manage to do this anymore. Most of these bands have now moved more melodic American influenced 70s rock’n’roll. The band sounds unstoppable when listening to “Social Hand Grenade” and ZEKE comes to mind in songs like “U Okay Hun” or “From Here To Adversity.” “DeJa F.U” is one of the catchiest songs on this album, and is probably amazing when played live. These guys only slow down with “How Do You Get Off” before getting back to in your face punk’n’roll with “Last Train Wrecks” and “Rock n Roll Leper”, a song that could be their anthem. High energy freaks will love this new album! /Laurent C.

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The Hip Priests “Those Fuckin’ Boys – A Decade Of Disdain”

This CD/double vinyl compilation celebrates 10 years of debauchery and nihilism with 27 high energy punk’n’roll songs. UK punk influences collide with TURBONEGRO in order to create some explosive garage rock’n’roll chaos (“Juiced Up ‘N’ Loose”, “Make War Not Love”, “Jesus Died So We Could Ride”, “Mystical Freaks”…), fast street punk (“Black ‘N ‘Blue”, “I’m A Fuckin’ Genius”, “Saints Of Excess”…) and dirty glam influenced anthems (“Sha Na Na Na Nihilist”, “Woe Is Me”…) Their love for 70s glam rock can also be heard in ROXY MUSIC‘s classic cover “Do The Strand”, and in their version of ALICE COOPER‘s “It It My Body.” You’ll also hear a bit of MISFITS in “Welcome To The Garage Dump”, or in “Children Of The Execution.”
Listening to songs like “Spasm Gang”, “Raised On Rage”, Love Is The Drugs”, or “Golden Black” makes you think that The HIP PRIESTS must be quite a wild live band!
The “Last Motherfuckers Left Alive?”, well, while the high energy punk rock’n’roll scene sadly has been quite quiet these last years, you can still count on The HIP PRIESTS…1, 2,3, Go! /Laurent C.

Billy Hopeless vs. The Hip Priests 7″

BILLY HOPELESS started The BONITOS after The BLACK HALOS‘ split. Unfortunately, the band didn’t go as far ar it should have, but our man in black is not ready to give up, and the songs in his head always need to be incarnated in some way or another. “Gutterball” is Billy’s first solo single, and his old partner Rich Jones (now in the MICHAEL MONROE band) helped him out to record this wild punk rock’n’roll tune. Imagine a mix of The STOOGES, BLACK HALOS, and short-lived glam punk band GUNFIRE 76, the kind of rock’n’roll that is getting too rare nowadays, in Billy’s own words: “I just need to hear some real raw animal punk rock and roll as there’s too many animals that have gotten tamed and too many tame ones trying to act like animals.”
Bones Brigade and Charles Manson on The HIP PRIESTS cover, the British gang continue their Turbo rawk’n’roll crusade with “Wired, Amped, Skulled”, bringing some of the best Scandinavian punk’n’roll to mind. Sweaty and dirty, just how we like it! This split 7″ is out on Little T and A Records. /Laurent C.

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The Hip Priests “Black Denim Blitz”

HipPriestsI think the last time I’ve heard a band using sirens as an intro was on the first TOWERS OF LONDON album! Well, The HIP PRIESTS hail from the UK too and also seem to have decided to carry the torch of sex, drinks and rock’n’roll come hell or high water. Musicwise, they are more into high-energy rock’n’roll/Scandinavian punk’n’roll, sometimes evoking early HELLACOPTERS/TURBONEGRO (“Motherfucker Superior”, “Flat Out ‘N’ Fucked Up”) ; names like ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN or GLUECIFER also logically come to mind while listening to these 13 amphetamine injected songs. A song like “Good Things Come To Those Who Hate” makes me think of Australian punk rock’n’roller SIMON CHAINSAW or American/German action rock warriors DUMBELL, and “20,000 Watts Of Lust” sounds like it was written for a jam with NASHVILLE PUSSY.
These guys seem to be quite active since they released a total of five 7″s last year (including a split with The DWARVES), and “Black Denim Blitz” is actually their third album!
This kind of rock’n’roll has always been more of a “live” one to me, but songs like “Instant Delinquent” or “Treat Me Like Dirt” show that it can sound as good on record.
Praying to the Saints of Excess, these Black Denim Demons probably have full support from Turbojugend worldwide already, and will probably rock your town sooner or later, get ready!… /Laurent C.

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