Addiction For Destruction “Neon Light Resurrection”

AddForDestructionWearing FASTER PUSSYCAT, and BACKYARD BABIES shirt on the cover photo, Russian sleaze rockers ADDICTION FOR DESTRUCTION have been around since 2010 and their choice of shirts isn’t random at all as the band’s music is strongly influenced by the 80s  L.A. scene and the 00s Scandinavian one. They are also fond of big female backing vocals (“On My Needle”, “Rock’n’Roll To You”) , sometimes not too far from POISON (“Native Tongue” era) or FASTER PUSSYCAT (“Whpped” era), GUNS N’ ROSES kind of solos (“Nervous Breakdown”) and sleazy guitar riffs (“Feelin’ Fine”, “My Resistance”). “Jane Is Insane” is one of the catchiest tunes on here, it even has a cool harmonica intro that adds a nice bluesy feel to the band’s music.
Maybe not the most original and personal album in the world, but if you like The PROPHETS OF ADDICTION and HARDCORE SUPERSTAR before they went too metal, then you’ll probably love “Neon Light Resurrection”./Laurent C.

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