Suicide Bombers “Criminal Record”

Chris Damien Doll (ex-TRASHCAN DARLINGS) is back from the future as a sleaze Fürher in his new heavy riot rock gang the SUICIDE BOMBERS. Evolving in a concept somewhere between SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK’s clockwork sc-fi world and MÖTLEY CRÜE’s apocalyptic street rock universe, the SUICIDE BOMBERS tell us from the start what they’re all about in opening song “Let’s Rock’n’Roll”. It can’t go wrong from there…
If you liked the TRASHCAN DARLINGS, then you will find the song-writing style that made the them such a great band in songs like “Easy Access”, “Teenage Breakdown” or “Napalm Heart”, but the SUICIDE BOMBERS sounds more as a mix of TURBONEGRO and CRÜE if we had to put them in between two bands. Powerful and catchy are the guidelines here and you quickly get addicted when listening to “This Time Tomorrow”, “Princess Socialite”, or “High On Explosives”. The SUICIDE BOMBERS can also have their darker melodic moments (“Smoke & Mirrors”) and this makes us think that although they already found their style, they’re not ready to impose themselves limitations neither…
We probably have the best new band from Scandinavia here, way better than the new TURBONEGRO version for sure./Laurent C.

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