Nicotine Pretty “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?/Nicotine Pretty” (Single)

NICOTINE PRETTY hail from Bridgend, South Wales, and are fronted by Ginge Knievil (The SICK LIVERS.)
“Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” has a bit of pre-Generation Terrorists MANIC STREET PREACHERS in it, with a street punk edge, and “Nicotine Pretty” is a cool glam punk song, with JOHNNY THUNDERS guitars and a bit of a QUIREBOYS/DOGS D’AMOUR vibe. If you still wear your leopard print, spray paint shirt, and eyeliner, then this must sound quite tempting, right?
These two songs sound raw, with some refreshing energy, just like when punk bands used to record their first songs in 1977. Of course, some could say that NICOTINE PRETTY wear their influences on their sleeves, but how many bands play this style of music nowadays? Not enough for us, that’s for sure! A 3 CD EP series is due too land late 2017/2018, and hopefully, we’ll get to hear a full album too! /Laurent C.
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